Very important political discourse around here

Yesterday while waiting for me to find the appropriate clothes to wear for The Serious Storage Unit Work Session I'll tell you about later, sis caught up on a couple of her favorite blogs. Including Slate, where she occasionally filled me in on what she was reading in the piece asking Will President Obama have a computer in the Oval Office? by Nina Shen Rastogi.

This led to a lively discussion concerning the level of technological freedoms (and limitations) afforded to our new president and his staff, now that they're getting settled in. There's a lot to consider. On the one hand, there are real security questions to be addressed. And on the other - assuming that surely the White House has access to technology able to more than handle the security concerns - it would be wrong to so isolate our new Commander In Chief to the extend that he no longer has access to the tools that  enhanced the insight and perspective he's known for, in the first place.

The discussion grew to include mention of Twitter and Facebook and other related social media, and just how much access to these sites the White House staff might need. We both agreed that surely the right balance can be struck.  Then ultimately this gem from sis:

I'm not sure I want the President of the United States goofing off on Facebook all day.

Because we all know that Facebook, amazing as it is as a communication and networking tool, is also a contender for The Greatest Time Suck Evahhh!!!! And professional and balanced and insightful as he might be, Obama's still just a regular dude, too.