Update on my mom - that laughter was handy these last couple of days

You know that phrase "one tough cookie" people throw around from time to time? The people who came up with it were talking about my mom. Which is why I think we were all a little surprised when we were told that instead of getting a stint for a blocked artery, she needed triple bypass surgery for 3. Wee surprise there.

So she came home and we all hung out yesterday after she went for the 3 hour pre-op appointment, and tried to keep her from doing all the things she would have rather done herself, thank you very much, and rest until it was time to come back here to the hospital. Which she did at 5am today, for 9am surgery. She's through now, and we're told it went quite well.

It seemed a good idea for me to post this here since I'll be away from Greensboro longer than expected. If you've been hoping to hear from me, don't be alarmed. I'm staying in touch as I can, and will respond to notes and calls when possible. Until then, prayers and thoughts for Mom and my family are always welcome. I'll make an update sometime and let you know just how long it takes before this Tough Cookie is out and about running things as usual.