Tra La La!!! A cookie with your name! (You know you want one too...)

Why yes! In fact it is a cookie with my website's name on it! (My website: it was so proud.)

This is one of the perks of having designed a site for someone who makes yummy, tasty treats. Jessie Podair of Sweet Temptations offers Logo Cookies! What a fun idea for your company's event: a memorable sweet treat with the logo rendered right on top! (To say nothing of your favorite narcissistic blogger.)


These cookies are made on our almond sugar cookies, and are decorated with an edible image of your company logo. You can put any image, photo, business card, expression, etc. on the cookies.

Not only can you order cookies with edible images, but Greensboro-based Sweet Temptations also offers cakes and cupcakes with the same clever topping! And? Your image can be duplicated in sugar in any size up to 11" x 17"!

Of course you can't just order one logo cookie - that'd be an awful lot of work for Jessie and her peeps. Please order a minimum of a dozen, and plan far enough in advance that you can give them 7 days notice. Sounds reasonable to me.

For more information, visit Sweet Temptations online!