Too much rain in Atlanta - #4 on my Monday Gratitude List

So yea, alert visitors will know that I am not, in fact, a resident of Atlanta. Which, today, is just fine by me.

Check out what's going on down there. Apparently many days in a row now? Friend just emailed me this from her iPhone...

Click the photo or this link to watch the rain. It's short... less than a minute, in fact. (Sorry - not taking the time to put it on Vimeo or YouTube, but hopefully this method will work just fine. Otherwise, just enjoy the view from the picture!) :)

So yea, about that gratitude list business. It's good to be grateful for rain. No doubt. I'm coming from a slightly different angle, though, today. Friend told me on the phone a half hour ago that people's basements are flooding and she saw water rushing through the woods near her home that reminded her of a recent rafting trip. Although I'd like to point out she was cheerful and upbeat. Attitude affects so much, don't you think?

Watching the video took me back to one of those drives to WV this summer. As I entered the last hour of my trip, I was moving through deep pools of water on inclines I don't usually drive on, and quite frankly, I was frightened I wouldn't make it to the house. I did, of course, and lived to tell about it. But no. I did not enjoy that drive whatsoever. And my gratitude on this fine Monday, is that I'm not facing that today, nor anything like it. 'Cause I'm groovin' on the sunshine, that's why!