Too many months without travel will make a nomad lax...

What happened to the squillion bottles of travel shampoo and conditioner that popped up everywhere, mere months ago? I could use them to keep my bag light, as I head out for a couple of nights in WV. Also handy would be what I believe are two, not one, travel-sized hair dryers. I believe, however, they're both in storage.

Why am I stopping everything to head to West Virginia and meet my parents? If you're actually interested, head over to my long-neglected travel-ish blog, Wayfarin Vagabond and read about the day I'm hoping will get me geared up for more trips in the near-ish future.

And if not, I sure hope you're enjoying some amazing weather like what we're having in the Carolinas right now! What a gorgeous day for a 3 hour drive!

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