To be ready for September Soirée on Saturday...

Just home, I have made a list. There are many things I need to do before September Soirée starts tomorrow morning. I'm doing other things. Bizarre other things. Compare.

On the list:

  • Get some gift boxes from the big supply, and put in bag to take for customers. Two sizes. Check.
  • Find jewelry price tags for adding to a few without. Check.
  • Get snacks. Will do that on the way.
  • And change. Ditto.
  • Make more earring cards. Uh...
  • And a couple more pairs of earrings...
  • Don't forget to take lariat necklaces - they weren't in the rolling case. Okay, by the door.
  • And cash box. Check
  • Print up a couple of little signs for my table. Maybe not gonna' happen.
The alarm has been set for 5am.  Why, then, am I reading tweets from heavy hitting bloggers who are currently at the Blog World Expo in Vegas??? It's like I can't stop myself! All my favorite geeks are hanging out together. Without me.

Okay, going to bed. Come see us tomorrow. No blog talk...promise. Just yummy artsy fartsy stuff. You need to buy some gifts, don't ya?