'Tis the season to enjoy my new free Omni-Heat® Heat Elite™ Jacket from Columbia

It's not an urban legend that sometimes bloggers get free stuff. In fact, I've heard all kinds of stories from trusted sources that made me jealous of the kinds of loot this or that blogger was offered. But this blogger? Li'l ole' me? Well, I'm going on 6 years and the blog that finally got me my first freebie wasn't even this one you're reading now.

Instead, it's my just-months-old "Wayfarin' Vagabond" blog that caught the attention of the Columbia marketing rep who was looking for ideal participants in their Omni-Heat® field test. And today with the temperatures being what they are, was the ideal day to tell you all about it. Today is the perfect day to wear my new Heat Elite™ jacket, and now I've written a blog post to tell you why.

Go check it out!