Tiny little detox and poor neglected blog

According to the glow from my monitor, it's 4:54am. Which means that after I publish this, I'm probably headed back to bed for another hour or two until it's a reasonable hour. So you know. Besides, it's just so indulgent and decadent to know you still have a nice nap ahead of you, don't you think?

But I've had rather a bit of insomnia tonight, awaking more than once since I went to bed before midnight. What I discovered this time surprised me. I have a sharp headache. Which makes no sense at first glance, because I've been doing severely healthy things for weeks now and have felt so remarkably healthy. But? I had beer last night. It was really not that much beer at all, either. But maybe my body has been enjoying its foray into the Only Good Things For Me stint and didn't necessarily want what it got last night? Gonna' make that a little experiment and see what I find. Love paying attention to these things. Also love not having headaches.

Meanwhile, I've been drafting another post about the dotmatrix project, and how their next show is coming up this week. But I keep having unexpected distractions and haven't, as a result, finished writing it. Hopefully tomorrow. After I wake up for real this time. So you know, if you live near me and like live music, you should come hear some on Thursday. I'm just sayin...