Ticket Scalper

Two of my Seattle friends are season ticket-holders and see the Mariners play as often as they can. Loyal fans, yes. And so we already had tickets the day she and I walked toward the stadium in the intermittent rain. Nonetheless, we were approached by several people touting the superiority of their offerings.

We stopped and chatted with this guy, who my friend knew from his patronage of a nearby restaurant where her husband used to work. Which is how I came to get this photo. While my eyes are always ready for The Next Shot as I carry my camera with me everywhere, I'm always keenly aware of the interpersonal implications of just shooting photos of people I don't know. While I don't always ask, sometimes it's a lovely gesture - especially when the "subject" isn't going to be a part of a wider landscape. I didn't ask the striking man in yesterday's shot. I did ask this guy. We had a laugh, and then observing his still-friendly hesitation, I said, "I don't need your face to get the shot I want!" He laughed again, relaxed, and consented.

What a way to make a living, or even an extra buck...