Thursday happy things: SARK, fitness ball, veggie-based mayo, rain...

It's a happy day because I say it is.The raindrops that had been clearly on their way hit my windshield as I pulled into the driveway. They didn't come fast, and so I had plenty of time to grab my laptop bag, camera bag, and new book purchases from the car without getting wet.

Such an ordinary little thing. But it made me happy. And before the happy raindrops kindly refrained from soaking my stuff? The sunshine. More specifically, driving in the sunshine.

Even more specifically? Driving with the windows down - what fun this has been for me, lately. Except for that day I sat at the corner of Martinsville and Battleground when the honkin truck rushed by and in his wake I was left coughing in a cloud of dust, I've relished the wind in my hair. Not so much when I wash it, or try to comb it. Out Of Control tangles, I've decided, might be my new fashion accessory of the season. I'm left to wonder why we never heard Daisy Duke griping about tangles. No, no! She seemed to always have more than enough locks to go around, and no matter how fast she drove around in that jeep of hers, her hair always looked amazing. Amazing! Mine may possibly be longer than hers, even, and the tangles are abundant.

Never mind. I love the feel of fresh (mostly) clean air, long-overdue, and the presence of all this sunlight has been thrilling. And? In spite of all that, I love this rain, too. Something about the smell of it, I think. And the knowledge, of course, that it's going to settle some of that pollen that has my allergies all afrenzy.

Other things I love today? In no particular order:

  • SARK and her unique, colorful way of encouraging us to embrace creativity and our own voices, no matter how kooky and off-the-beaten-path those voices might be,
  • The fitness ball that has replaced my desk chair. Who knew that it would be this easy to turn a Super Sedentary Job into a Bouncing Extravaganza of Inspiration? No kidding. Now that I've been sitting on this thing for most of the week, I find the idea of a mere chair to be kind of stifling! Not to mention that I actually think I've felt a couple of twinges in my core muscles suggesting that there's actually been some movement!
  • It's not that veggie-based mayo is all that exciting! Frankly, I don't yet know! I haven't even tasted it yet. But for today's purposes, I'm very excited about it. Why? Because I'm on a huge seared tuna wrap kick, and the sauce I make (prepared from a combination of mayo, wasabi, soy sauce and sesame oil,) to enhance these yummy treats, needed a healthier base. In walks the discovery of my new mayo. (Thank you Dena, for mentioning that this is what you use. I think that's what you said, anyway. Never mind. My thinking so was enough to get me out of my own head.) So I'll let you know. I'm having 'em again tonight. A G A I N. It's the 4th time in under a week. :) (Counting Saturday afternoon's left-overs, that is.)
  • My new Yoga for Beginners DVD. Do you hear that, people? I'm now the proud owner of a yoga DVD. Which is made even more exciting because I got it for free. Well, sort of. I had this $11.10 credit to "McKay's" and between the DVD and the other book I picked up, I had only to pay $1.90 for my purchases. Thank you little sis, for the credit. I think that one came from you!

Aside from all that? You know, the usual:

  • family,
  • friends,
  • my clients,
  • my work,
  • having had the good fortune to have been born "one of those creative types,"
  • my home,
  • my health,
  • music,
  • freshly laundered sheets,
  • the fantasy of someone who begs to iron all my cotton and linen summer tops...
  • :)

What about you? Got any happy things to share today?