Things my mom taught me

Today is Mother's Day in the US, which is the perfect time to offer a hat tip to my own mom. I've been thinking about her more than usual these past few days. Here's just a short version of the list of some of the valuable things Mom taught me:

  • She taught me The Golden Rule. It's such a simple, yet important, tenent for life.
  • She taught me to embrace my creativity. One of many examples that comes to mind: Her declarations of, "I could make it for half that!" when, as a little girl, we saw a cute dress I liked. And she could, too!
  • She taught me to be tenacious. There is nothing quite like the look in my mom's eyes when someone tells her she can't do something she wants to do.
  • She taught me to REALLY clean. A kitchen, for example. Don't even think you're gonna' walk away from that kitchen sink and call it clean with dishes in the drain board, soap bubbles drying in the bottom of the sink, pools of water on the counter, any kind of residue clinging to the faucet...
  • She taught me to appreciate music. Good Music. When she went back to college to get her long-dreamed of music degree, her children benefitted from the hours of practice, listening to countless scores and attendance at the required cultural events.
  • She taught me to "tackle one thing at a time," which is the ADD Girls' Mantra in this family. And THIS ADD Girl has afternoon plans that will sneak up on her if this list continues to grow - and oh how it could grow - so I'll cut it off here.

I love you, Mom!