Things I wish I hadn't left in the WV house

Amazing textures on the old barnAfter 5 or 6 trips back and forth from Greensboro to my grandparents' empty house in WV this spring and summer, I was all of a sudden done. Completely and utterly wiped out from that drive, I loathed the thought of doing it again. Loathed it, even, in spite of the beauty of that really-quite-magnificent drive. Unfortunately, when it hit me just how over that drive I was, I was in Greensboro. Wonderful, wonderful Greensboro.

So having planned to go back for one more week of solitude, I just didn't go back. Which resulted in my having left some things there. Some things I'm now missing. Not vital, can't-live-without-it things, of course. But every day, I remember, a little more, just how handy it would have been if I'd planned more carefully to return for the last of my things. Here's a list of just those items I've noticed this week:

  • My favorite Old Navy jacket.
  • The better vacuum cleaner.
  • A folding drying rack for hanging hand-washables.
  • A little rolling, tilting stand for my laptop. I acquired that while there, assembled it, and grew quite fond of it. If I had it with me now, this admittedly-large desktop wouldn't feel quite so cramped with 2 computers.
  • Some extra toiletry items, cosmetics, and other girly things that come in tubes and bottles.
  • All manner of linens: extra sheets, a warmer comforter than I have right now, (2 other ones, in fact,) kitchen towels...
  • My drill.
  • The better of two coffee pots. The one that turns itself off when I get immersed in my work and forget to go down and turn off the pot before the coffee starts to give off that fabulous burnt smell.
  • A couple of nice-sized laundry baskets.
  • That yummy, nearly-full bottle of basil-scented hand soap.
  • My favorite pottery mug, plus a couple of others I really quite like.

Apparently this list could go on, but those are the biggies. So I think what I've discovered is that I have a road trip in my future. When, I can't imagine, since there are a couple of other little ones already scheduled - more on that later - but I'd really like not to go indefinitely without these things. Plus, I think it'd really be nice to see autumn there again. And maybe shoot a few more photos of that old barn one more time.

Here's to better planning in the future!