They Have Fearless Stories

Screen shot of fear.less magazine - click to visit them online

For as long as I can remember, I've watched in awe as "those fearless types" move through the world, conquering anything appearing on their paths. I wanted to be like them. Mostly I believed that I was not.

The thing about identity, though, is that we get to explore new ways of being, embracing new approaches and attitudes. Maybe - I tell myself - if I listen to more inspiring stories about the Fearless Folk who knock down barriers, I'll learn more about their ways. Maybe - I tell myself - some of their fearlessness will rub off on me.

That's not exactly how it works, of course. But what HAS happened is that considering more and more of the stories of those who achieve massive success in the face of profound obstacles reminds me that we all face fears - it seems a universal truth - and we're stronger than we think. We're stronger than we fear.

I've been facing some fears of my own, head-on, lately. More than usual, in fact. Reading the stories of others who have beaten the odds inspires me to push myself harder. Which is why reading about a new online magazine, "fear.less" in Seth Godin's blog post this morning - "Micro magazines and a future of media," was well-timed and greatly welcomed. As so many of his pieces tend to be.

From the magazine's "About" page:

Every story you read is an example of conquering fear, whether an immediate physical danger, the looming threat of failure, the pressure to compete in a changing world, the incessant quest for identity, or the overwhelming uncertainty of death.

Maybe you'll enjoy reading some of the stories, too! Take a look over here.

I'm looking forward to reading more of this celebration to fearlessness, and seeing what will come later, too. Just think! A Whole Magazine dedicated to fearlessness!