There are four books in my lap. #1: Juicy Pens Thirsty Paper

Book Cover, SARK's Juicy Pens Thirsty PaperThere are four books in my lap - or spilling off my lap because the laptop is taking up more than its fair share of room - and I can't seem to choose between the lot of them. Therefore I've brought the entire stack into my cozy chair, and am switching back and forth. Or I was before I started to take a break from my reading and write about all four of them.

Let me first tell you about my newly-acquired, brand new copy of Juicy Pens Thirsty Paper by SARK. I have read 74 out of 183 pages since I bought it earlier **today. SARK writes in large, colorful letters. Her books don't have nearly as many words on each page as most books you'll pick up, but don't let the quantity of words fool you; she packs in the messages. Like a Zen master's guidance, each phrase, each sentence is meant to sit with you for a long stretch of time.

About the practice of writing, SARK tells me that:

You dare

*to practice detatching from "what people think" and turn squarely and fully toward what you think

*to be read by others and judged

*to be empty and fill your own well over and over again

*to be viewed and projected upon as wildly successful and ingenious

and I know they are true: each one of her assertions. None, of course, ever seems true in simultaneous moments. However they most certainly are simultaneously true.

When I found this book, quite by accident as I was specifically searching for a different book written for writers, I couldn't put it down in the bookstore. Sometimes a book insists on going home with you and you have to listen. It's inexplicable that I had to have another book to inspire my inner writer, since I have more projects to keep up with than is humanly possible. Nonetheless, I wanted more, more inspiration, more ways to look at the craft I sometimes fight, more ways to remind myself that not only have I written 31,000 plus words in my novel since September, I have now written 7000 words in a second book begun last weekend, (currently known as the Super Semi Secret Writing Project and that will have to be that,) and it's most certainly going to take all the inspiration I can find to maintain two separate, Got Nothing In Common writing projects of this magnitude.

SARK, it seems, is exactly what I needed to give my writing the inspirational boost it needed.

If you write and want inspiration to do more of it, I recommend this book. If you never did write before but think you'd like to, I recommend this book. If you took a look at her website and thought to yourself, "I could never walk around with a book that looks like a children's coloring book some kid already got their hands on," get over yourself and give her a try. Put down your judgement or expectations about what "real books" are supposed to look like, and consider that our processes and paths are all different, and everybody doesn't need to write books containing 90,000 stark black typed words on white pages that can be turned slowly and seriously. Some books are meant to help you get out of your own way and just "be" inside the wild little moments of uninhibited strings of unexpected words we never thought we'd write.

Who knows? Maybe there are some words like that inside you!

**This blog piece will be published on a day different than the one in which it was written. Therefore although it is "today" when I am telling you about the book I bought several hours ago, when you're reading it, it will no longer be the same "today" as when it was written. Perhaps this matters, and perhaps it does not. Carry on. Let's let go of concerns over temporal matters, shall we?

PS: Stay tuned and I'll tell you about the other three books in my lap. Soon.