The perfect writing chair for working on the most inspired book of them all...

Photo of blue Adirondak chair on a deck with words 'Maybe I will write a lot of important words from this chair'Maybe it's because of all the recent rain that I forgot this chair. When it rains, my first go-to spot tends not to be the other end of the long deck behind my friends' house. But today (my handy Firefox plug-in informs me,) the temperatures in this town are a sunny 71° and I don't sense a hint of rain. Nor, it seems, do the dogs at my feet.

When my friends return to the US on Friday, I'll hear all about their travels and they will, in turn, hear about how it was while I was in their home that I discovered that there is actually a 3rd book "in me, waiting to get out." For those following along, yes. That's 3 books I'm writing. Simultaneously. Have I finished the other two? No. No, I have not. Does that matter? No! No, it does not! What matters is that I'm writing. Writing like a fiend. Much of my non-design time is now dedicated to writing, and I am loving it. It helps mightily that I no longer have any pressing television addictions to harness my attention.

Which is why it was so thrilling yesterday morning when, having decided that I really needed to write a while before I started working on the website projects, I carried my coffee out onto the deck, lifted my head to inhale the amazing morning air, then turned to look at the other end of the deck. Where my long-beloved chair, recently-forgotten, called to me.

And I went, immediately, down the hall, grabbed my laptop, and went outside to write.

If you're ever looking for writing inspiration and can't seem to get your groove, maybe you'll find the writing mojo in an Adirondak chair. If it happens to be painted a thrilling blue, all the better!

Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude and still? More gratitude. For all of it. For the writing and the inspiration and the fresh air and the sunshine and the companionship of happy dogs. And for the blue, blue chair.