The only reason for this post is to make sure you know I'm here and just fine!

In addition to the occasional witty and self-entertaining blog posts, it occurs to me that one of the purposes of my blog is to keep me connected with a lot of the great people in my life. Based on your emails and calls when I don't write for a few days, I've come to realize that just as often as some people come here to read what I have to say, there's also the "keeping up with what she's got going on" element to my readers' visits.

Which is nice! I love that you care what I'm up to and want to know how I'm doing.

This week I've neglected my blog because I'm busier than usual. As in, I haven't actually had the time to blog. Sure, I often write and say I'm busy. Who's not??? Occasionally, however, I move from project to project with a frenzy that makes me realize that it really would be handy to have a personal assistant to help me stay on top of the scheduling I do, so I don't take on too much at once. Usually I don't, to this degree - the last week I recall that was similar, I was actually working for a local college and we were celebrating a notable anniversary. I was up to my eyeballs in activities somebody else (plural) had chosen for us. Alas, I cannot blame another person or committee for this week. Sometimes it just bees this way.

Know what? Even thought there's a certain voice in my head that tells me to hurry up, be more efficient, stay focused... I am enjoying all my projects. Every one of them is quite different from the last, and each one is exciting in its own unique way. I also have completely fabulous clients right now. Every one is great; how lucky am I? And Every One Of These Projects Makes Me Smile. Thank you very much if you're responsible for one of those smiles.

Now, I'll let my guilt talk for a second. If your initials are EP or BR, you will be hearing from me again very soon. Almost certainly today. I have not forgotten you and you are my highest priorities right now. If your initials are not among these, you're one of the roughly 17 other people I'm neglecting and I haven't forgotten you and you're on a list right here at my elbow and I am sorry and I will write to you again soon, too. And I will absolutely do my best to not let this happen again.

Oh that all sounds so self-important and ego-indulgent. Couldn't be further from my intention, though. Truly.

Happy Wednesday, ya'll!

The End