The Neighborhood Story Project

The Neighborhood Story Project website screenshotCollaborative storytelling projects hold a strong appeal for me. Maybe it's because while a picture might tell a thousand words, sometimes I want to know a thousand and fourteen words. So when I found Rebuilding New Orleans: Ten Coolest Innovators at FastCompany, this morning, it was a little surprising to see that the first item on their list was The Neighborhood Story Project. It's a project dedicated to telling the stories of the city. Through photographs, interviews, writing, they're making books. Books! Then making celebrations.

From their site:

The Neighborhood Story Project is a documentary book-making project in New Orleans, Louisiana. Through writing, interviews, and photography, neighborhood writers create portraits of our places, then edit the stories with the neighborhoods to make sure we get it right. We publish the books and have block parties to celebrate.

This project is all about partnership and collaboration. Partnerships with educational institutions, social clubs, performance groups, non-profits. They're telling the stories of New Orleans.

Go there now.