The most challenging thing that happened yesterday

It was a good day. After a bit of work at home, my public day started with a long meeting in a coffee shop, late morning. Then I worked in that coffee shop for hours and hours. Then my public day ended in a cafe, several miles away, where I met with a committee about their website. Lots of training. Lots of planning. Lots of laughing.

Earlier, though, in the coffee shop, aside from the nearby woman who did not understand the social niceties of using her inside voice when she talked on the phone to several different clients (she worked in some aspect of home health care and does not know why your father is on prednizone,) my only real challenge - not including the currently everpresent issue of trying to fit it all in - was trying not to dance in my seat. Seriously. I used headphones to drown out Loud Talking Woman, and cranked my music up. Therefore, on 4 different occasions, as I worked, I discovered that I was dancing in my seat to the fabulous music. And by "I discovered..." I mean that I looked up to notice that one person or another was watching me as I danced. With happy smiles on their faces. So I smiled back, shrugged, and got on with my work. Until I discovered more dancing.

Dancing days are good. I'm workin' on another good one, this one with even more meetings. We'll see about the dancing. I hope yours also has you dancing in your seat!