The fun of planning road trips so I can have some creative play dates

Creative Play Date #1When it became clear that the kiln and wheel and three squillion pounds of clay I had in my storage unit - not to mention the untold numbers of tools meant to help shape that clay - could fulfill a higher purpose, I sent it all home to South Carolina with my parents. On the back of a loaded-down pickup truck. It took two trips.

My mom has found her newest creative passion. Whereas she studied and taught music for most of my life, she's now fallen in love with clay. (Hint: creative types usually don't wish to be limited to a single form of expression.)

Now that she's taken two classes, thrown on the wheel solo, handbuilt pieces in her kitchen, and watched some nice videos on The Ever Amazing YouTube, her interest has taken a solid hold. During a phone call with her after she's spent an hour with her hands in clay, you might even start liberally throwing around words like "passion" with great ease.

Later this month, I'm going to visit my parents, and one of the things I'm keeping my schedule free for is playing with my mom in clay. It's been ages since I've done this myself; doing it with her is just gonna' be awesome!

But beyond that? She's getting an itch share this new hobby with others, too. One day she could even start selling some of the pieces she's learning how to make. Mama's gettin' good! To get things started, we've been talking about the possibility of getting her set up with a blog with an attached photo gallery. The ideas seem endless; I'm starting to get a suspicion we'll be missing some of the sleep we might normally make time for. And I can't wait.

Creative Play Date #2Then, when I leave there, I'll head to Atlanta to hang with another creative friend for a while. Earlier today on the phone, we discussed her painting. Although her undergraduate degree is actually in art, she only took up painting again within the past few months. She took some time out from art in between to get a master's degree, teach - and fall in love with - her Special Ed students, and create - and fall in love with - a couple of children of her own. You might say she's been busy.

Now the children are old enough that she can paint without having to worry someone's going to turn a bookcase over on herself while she's not looking.

Like a lot of creative people I know, she's been told her paintings are beautiful, and even that people could be interested in buying them. Because they are beautiful, I'm confident she could sell them! What a handy thing to have an in-house web chick who gets a rush out of helping people learn how to promote their creativity online.

Who's to say where either of these paths could lead? For now, I'm just excited at the prospect of the upcoming playdates, and the long stretches of time in which I'll get to geek out about creativity AND online marketing.

Here's to YOUR June plans, too!