The best job EVAH: thank you Squarespace

Taking a quick break from today's uber-productive work session, I experienced a little flash of excitement over the sheer variety my job offers me. I am currently working on projects that include:

  • the blog of a writer/speaker with a great flair for storytelling,
  • the business site of a new tech startup,
  • an online journal focusing on current social & political thought,
  • another that promotes a popular fictional character featured in many traditional childhood stories,
  • the site of a small business that upgrades, cleans, repairs and refurbishes PC's and related hardware,
  • an online community meant to offer space for empowering victims of discrimination so they can move beyond their pain,
  • an unfolding travel blog of two witty southern women exploring interesting towns and businesses around the south, especially the Carolinas,
  • and a west coast business that provides distinctive writing on the walls of people's homes.
  • There's a lingering, nagging feeling that I'm leaving something out...

Meanwhile, I continue to make progress on my own brand new site featuring a growing website portfolio, thoughts on why Squarespace Is The Content Management System To Watch, handy tips and lessons I've learned while using the platform, guest blogger posts on a variety of current online trends, and free Squarespace templates that expand on their current range of offerings provided to users of this service.

Have I mentioned lately that I have the best job ever? Yea. Well, I do. And I never, ever get bored.