That magic chair, a home gym & all kinds of clarity

Let's be very clear: there is such a thing as A Magic Chair. I know because last night I sat in that chair for hours... and today I have clarity. Lots of it. So you see, it's obvious I have this chair to thank for the illumination that settled around me while I slept last night.

This weekend I've driven a half hour to care for some friends' kitties. While I love helping my friends, I'm here as much for myself as for them. Their home is every bit as picturesque as any bed and breakfast I ever stayed in - in fact, guess what's next door?! Yesterday evening as I drove through the seriously nasty weather to be here, it hit me again just what a gift this getaway is for me.

Once here, instead of popping the usual favorites into the stereo, (hubby's musical taste is similar to my own,) I actually looked for - and found - some Mozart for my evening's listening. I found some leftover vegetarian fare in the fridge, dug the book I've been reading out of my bag, found a blanket in the living room, and settled into The Magic Chair in the library. And read the night away. I found some vanilla honey chamomile tea, and this handmade pottery mug (our mutual friend made this mug years ago.) Quite literally, I read until my book was finished - I only even found this book on Tuesday - which took up several hours. The activity was just what I needed.

This morning I located some Perfectly Bad 80's Pop Music and cranked that up in the home gym and worked out for a half hour or so, then got down to business on my computer. Discerning, regular readers will know by now that there are more transitions than perhaps is ever advisable going on in my life, simultaneously, and one of the main ones concerns my career path. Lots of what I do professionally suits and serves me well. Quite a bit of it, not so much. I'm working on streamlining, organizing, planning - all those things that give me panic attacks if I let them. It's got to be done. The alternative is to go back to having "a real job." The thought of which makes me far, far more panicky than the path I've chosen now. (Plus, I've done that more than once. Best to get it right this time, no?)

But today, in the light of day? I have no panic. I have no fear. I've made some great strides, some hard decisions, some surprising discoveries. And I've explored some ideas in new and fresh ways that make me actually feel more creative than I have in a while. Sure, there's an unbelievable amount of work ahead of me. But that's okay. I've got clarity. And really, isn't that one of the foundations for any of us, for creating the lives we want?

It's the chair, I'm tellin' you. I have to figure out if I can fit it in my car. And if I can, will the neighbors notice, I wonder, if I slip it in with my bags when I leave tomorrow morning? Hmmm...