That first Monday of a new year is a honkin big deal in the UK, eh?

It has to be mentioned. I couldn't help it. When my website's traffic for the day is already the second highest it's been in a month, and it's barely past noon, a blogger tends to get curious. Turns out that although I forgot about it from last time, some people are all about figuring out the name of the first Monday of the New Year. Here people don't seem to care all that much. But in the United Kingdom? Seems they care a whole, whole lot!

As of this writing, right many of you have searched "first monday of the year" on UK's Google. And out of Thirty Three Million And Seven Hundred results, more or less, today my site appears in slot number 9. That's beneath the fold, but on the first search results page. Meanwhile about 10 other search phrases with variations of these same words is also showing up in my stats.

For those of you reading and wondering "so what?" fair enough. It's a geek thing. To have your site appear so high, albeit for something random and obscure and Not At All Related To What You Normally Blog About, is just kind fascinating to me, see. Yes, I have a life. Off the 'net, even. But these kinds of things still keep this blogger stoked and smiling.

As for those of you reading, who wonder "well what's the big deal about the first Monday of the year?" well that's a totally different question. When I actually wrote the blog post that is getting half of my traffic today - back in '06, no less - I'd never heard of this phenomenon. Then nearly 2 years later, noticing a trend similar to today's stats reportings, I peeked around to try and find the answer to that very question. Then I had to write about what I'd found because some people think there is actually a way to predict the most depressing day of the year...and last year that happened to coincide with my birthday. You can see why a girl might object.

NOW something different is starting to emerge. Looks like last go 'round, people were looking for "Blue Monday," which is something entirely different. Today is, if Wikipedia is to be trusted, "Handsel Monday"
and if you're interested in what that means, go read about it here.

Meanwhile, "Blue Monday" is just the way it sounds - supposedly the most depressing day of the year. Again, I'm getting my information from the Wikipedia. As I declared last year, I reject this idea. Life's compicated enough without me allowing somebody else to calculate formulas and declare which day of the year I'm supposed to feel depressed. I'll choose my own down days, thanks all the same.

But I digress. All I'm saying is that... well, turns out I'm saying two things:

  1. I get a whole lot of UK traffic when it comes to people searching for phrases that include "first" and "monday" and "year." Sad, sad people - they end up here only to find nothing useful whatsoever. (But hey, ya'll! Glad you stopped by; come back sometime when you're not in such a hurry, eh?) And
  2. My Scottish friend declared to me, sometime around Thanksgiving, that we Americans have a lot of holidays. To be more specific, he said, "You people celebrate the opening of an envelope!" All I want to point out is that apparently we don't have the corner on random holidays. I mean, Boxing Day? Handsel Monday? Lotta' interesting days being observed in both countries, seems to me.

And now I've answered the question of "what will I write about in my blog today?" Particularly since last night's post went over like a lead balloon with my dear mother. Gonna' have to figure out how to fix that. Meanwhile, I thought I'd turn my observations far, far away from family stories and onto the holidays of countries existing on entirely different land masses than our own.

Back to work, then? :)