Tends to hide when overstimulated

Since going back to work for myself, there hasn't been a single event that's had me surrounded by people everywhere, with a hoppin' agenda in hand. Not, that is, until yesterday. There's more to be said about ConvergeSouth 08 - the sights, the sounds, the impact. I'm glad I got to finally go and will almost certainly attend again next year.

Having said that, I'll now tell you that I pulled out after the long day yesterday. Didn't go to the barbecue last night (which I'd very much looked forward to,) and didn't attend the not-ConvergeSouth-but-related event I think they ultimately called the Independent Blogger Conference '08. Also much looked forward to.

It's possible I'm coming down with something and after I got home from the events of yesterday I realized I was utterly done. Finished. Kaput. I was, and still am a bit, mentally exhausted. And so I wrote the update to yesterday's post, and just unplugged. Had a non-blogging friend over last night, talked a bit on the phone today, and am on my way to meet a different friend for coffee and shopping. I don't know when I'll feel again inclined to reconnect on Facebook and Twitter.

Funny thing. The connectivity of the internet is such a huge part of my life (although I now have a stark reminder about relativity,) that I sometimes forget about what it takes to send me into the information-overload spiral that leaves me reeling and nearly hesitant to turn my computer on.

There's so much to be processed from yesterday and lots to be written. But for now? I'm in hiding. It's the way I need to decompress. 

I walked across the room earlier and stopped at the desk to pick up a torn piece of paper I photographed for use in a design project. Just touching it made me happy. Everything about that little scrap of paper represented That Which Is Not Connected To Technology, even while it's contributing to an eventual online experience. I breathed deeply, happy to have my feet planted solidly in both of my worlds, on and off line. 

That's enough. I don't want to blog anymore. I don't want to think about computers anymore. I want to go hug my friend who likely doesn't even know what the word "podcast" means and sip coffee and buy wine glasses, maybe some shoes. And just breathe the fresh, crisp air outside.

Catch ya'll later!