Taking an active role in my own happiness. Inspiring quotes as a tool.

Graphic with the Quote: Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail. by Ralph Waldo Emerson

For years I've been on this quest to "feel good" as often as possible. Simple, right? Um. Right.

When unpleasant things happen, I have a tendancy to play less-affirming words in a loop in my head. So I've learned to actively seek out new messages to replace the ones that don't serve me well. During a breakup several years back, I got through the drawn-out ick by playing videos of my then-toddler nephew, just laughing and dancing, over and over. There was the insatiable reading, the seeking for wisdom on how to "get it right" more often. And I found happy music that refused to let me sit still. Y'know, because of all the dancing. These snippets... these gifts, I later realized, don't have to be tucked away for the biggies like breakups. They can offer a daily lift, replacing more negative with more positive, if I make the effort. It's about training myself to see the world differently than is my default. I'm still working on it. Oh how am I still working on it.

For a while now, I've been involved in putting together a project that compiles quotes from people who inspire me, so that these words can be shared with others in a single location, in an aesthetically-charming manner, hopefully with the kind of delivery that will make people pause and want to really read... then read again. Even if the words are well-loved and worn. It's not a traditional list - there are four squillion massive online collections of quotes from any and everybody you've ever heard of, plus far more you haven't. It's a more deliberate list than that.

One of the interesting aspects to this endeavor is the recognition that so many of the words I read feel like they're in the collective experience already. I'll read words and think, "Oh! She wrote that! Who knew??" It's delicious to learn more (when I make the time) about those imparting this wisdom, as I uncover new ways of remembering ideas that I've been exposed to before, then forgotten. Discovering something new that resonnates is just as fine. And? I find the kind of inspiration I'm looking for comes from the long-deceased "wise ones" as well as the visionaries making their mark today. Think C.S. Lewis meets Ralph Waldo Emerson meets Eleanor Roosevelt meets Eckhart Tolle meets Danielle LaPorte.

This project is good for me. My intention is that it will be good for others, too. Stay tuned!