Surprise preface to the next edition of "A Very Watson Christmas"

Although every year the details vary, there are a lot of similarities in my family's Christmas traditions. Such as togetherness, laughter, food...unpredictability.

This year's Event That Was Not Predicted is that the NC branch of the family will not be driving to Mom & Dad's in SC after all, as planned. Instead, The Sultan of Cool is, even as we speak, having what I believe are his first x-rays. To find out if he has pneumonia. Whether he does or not, that's not the kind of suggestion you want to take lightly. And so while he's apparently feeling fairly normal, (aside from that horrid, hacking cough,) and having a good time visiting his friend the doctor, and no doubt wreaking a bit of havoc on the inner sanctum of the examining room, (I know whereof I speak; it's fascinating to observe an examining room from the eyes of a toddler...I've done so!) there will be no road trip this evening.

But Gramma and Papa are almost certainly going to drive up here in the morning. Which will be lovely, only remember how Papa had that little incident with a post and beam back on Labor Day? Yea, well although he's been back at work for a few weeks now - limited hours, and still with the aid of crutches on occasion - travel is hard for him, too.

There will be much pampering this year, all around. Never a bad thing, though, in a house full of southern women.

All that stuff I didn't get up early and jump right on this morning? Yea. Well, at least my driving plans have changed. Good thing, too, since I'll be adding supermarket run and unplanned cooking to the day's fare. More than reasonable - it's what everybody else is doing right about now, isn't it? I might as well put my work away for a while, and go have some Good Cheer, right?

No doubt there will be stories to tell, just like last year.

Merry Christmas, all!