Super nifty stuff from the interwebs: A List of 8

Since so many of you tell me that you get a kick out of the random and useful (and sometimes useless but fun!) sites I sometimes turn you on to, here on my blog, I thought today I'd skip the big writeup of any single feature, and just point you to some nifty sites I've discovered from out and about on the 'net. For you I do this. Enjoy!

  1. According to a site called "" I give you "The 29 Heallthiest Foods on the Planet" which is, as far as I'm concerned, about the handiest list anybody has put together for me in quite a long time. Thank you bellybytes! Obviously depending on which nutrition school of thought you follow, there might be things on this list that you would personally steer clear of. However since they offer not only a list, but explain why each item appears on the list, you get to read about the logic behind each item. Maybe you'll be turned onto something new you never considered before! (I know I'm going to buy an avocado as soon as I can get myself to a supermarket again!)
  2. From "Futility Closet" (a site with enough random intrigue to get you sucked in for ages, if you aren't careful!) I learned of "The Pudding Guy" who found an inspiring way to rack up on the frequent flyer miles. Reminds me that it's good to be open to new opportunities in unusual places.
  3. A random picture. Don't know where it is, nor who took it, nor if I'd even really ever like to go there. But all that color really makes me happy.
  4. String Gardens. A whole new way to plant your flowers.
  5. How to Make Ice Cream in a Bag in 5 Minutes. I am so totally going to try this.
  6. 7 Hilariously Awkward Family Photos - to make you feel better about those you keep showing up in, year after year.
  7. Dancing Typography - I wish I knew how to create this effect. Yes I know it would be a fairly useless skill to have. Still, I do. But not badly enough to go out and learn it, turns out...
  8. World's Most Amazing Bridges - Gorgeous. I love bridges. I love beautiful images. I love lists. This post combines all 3.

That is all. Now get back to work. Uh. Yea. Okay fine. I'm getting back to work...