Sunday solitude

It occurred to me a little while ago, as I leaned over the kitchen sink to eat a seriously-juicy peach, that I haven't seen another soul all day long. Talked to a couple, but nope - haven't encountered an actual other physical human being since I woke.

This doesn't altogether bother me. In fact, I rather loved this day. If you come back and visit in a few more days and I say the same thing, then we'd have cause for worry. But nah - not gonna' happen. Today was excellent in its solitudinousness. Heh. I just made up a cool word and spell check did not approve.

This morning, I slept in then indulged in a movie that sis and I might have watched last night if she weren't the mom of a darling toddler Who Did Not Want To Sleep Thank You Very Much If It's All The Same To You. Bella, it's called.

Then I got back to work on more seemingly-endless design tweaks to my site, trying more variations on the placement and size of these new graphics I'm using. Having seen my new design changes last night on a monitor resolution completely unlike anything my laptop even offers as a preview option, I didn't like the way it looked over there. So I think after today, things will look more like I want them to - no matter who's looking at my site. Or? Why I'll change it again!

And I downloaded some Photoshop brushes. Has anybody reading this ever discovered the Very Much Cool Addiction that is the downloading of a brand new glorious Photoshop brush pack or more? I'm just sayin'.

All this while listening to some indie "boy music."

Somewhere in there I also designed a simple print ad for a website client. (I know: I'm not that kind of designer. And I said I was gonna' quit doing print work. But web clients get more access to my skills, if I like 'em. 'Course I pretty much like all my web clients. Plus I love this one. LUV.

I also had a surprise phone call from a friend I met in high school, with whom I've shared a mere handful of very brief emails in the last few years, but haven't actually spoke to her since I saw her maybe four years ago. Which was nice. But it's always a little odd to review a summary of the last 4 years of your life in 20 minutes, which is invariably what happens when you reconnect with a friend you've known for over half your life. Wow. That's a long time.

Anyway, where would I have actually put "visit with another person" in there, if I HAD wanted to see people today? See? You would have spent it alone, too, eh?

Hope your day was equally satisfying to you!