Stolen Interet Fails To Live Up To Expectations, Day Two:

Lots of screaming at my laptop. Although not computer's fault, it took the fall. Somebody apparently did not get the memo about how I had made multiple promises to multiple clients over things I would do for them right away.

And then, although I wasn't willing to completely unplug, I got really tired. So I carried my laptop to bed with me, did a bit of semi-successful emailing, then set it down to continue reading Highly Entertaining Celia Rivenbark Book. Then? Glancing over, noticed emails were coming in. More than one of them. That had not happened all day. The stream had been slow. It's an early summer Sunday. Of course people were not emailing me. They were living their fabulous lives in the sunshine. Or using their Agreeable Internet Connections to do other important things like poke people on Facebook and look for a good deal on Jimmy Buffet tickets. But what have we here? Email popping into my inbox as if it were the most normal thing on earth.

My eyes wandered to the lower corner of the screen, and noticed something new. A new color! Yellow instead of red! This meant, babies, that my stolen internet signal was low. LOW, do you hear me! It was thrilling news! Whereas I had spent the entire day with a "VERY LOW" internet signal, now, all cozy in my bed for the night, I had a steady LOW signal. OH the things you can do with a low signal.

So I stayed up working until 2. On a VeryFineLowInternetConnection. Which I did not pay for.