Someone called it the most funny stand up comedy sketch ever

Now maybe you'll find it the funniest ever, and probably you won't, but we stumbled across this guy at the beach the other night when we took an hour to share some online comedy with each other.

For my money? This guy is hysterical! I can't tell you why. One friend asserted that it's because of my personal enjoyment of European accents. Sure, I'll give you that. I quite like a good European accent or other, on occasion. Some more than others. :) But if he was just some European dude standing there ranting about his luggage issues but he wasn't funny, I'm pretty sure I would have figured that out long before the video was up. And I certainly wouldn't be putting Funny Welsh Comic on my blog. So there you are. Funny European dude whose name I do not know, ranting about what happened to his luggage on a trip to Australia. Sit down. Give yourself a little break. Watch this guy. Try not to laugh.

And if you know who this is, please somebody tell me; I want to see more!