Some photographic highlights: a solitary chapter

I took a ladder outside and set it up under the dogwood tree in the front yard. When it was still in bloom. Standing on it helped me be tall enough to capture a silhouette of this blossom. I love an unexpected, simple thrill on a weekday afternoon.

Before we get going, I had to mention the wee back-stories that lie just behind the thumbnail images found lower in the page, in the charming gallery I've put together for you. For You! Okay. Carry on...

Photos enhance reflections of life for me. My year so far is a veritable blur of activity, both social and solitary. Therefore, having so many images actually helps me keep the details of my life straight! Today I'm pondering My Love For Seeing What I Can Capture With My Camera On An Ordinary Day. Although I have been to some quite-lovely events With Actual People where the cameras came out, shots here relate to solo "adventures" from "regular ole days," when I get up from my client work and walk around with my camera in tow.

When I bought this newer model a few months ago** it "upped my game. This camera makes me experiment in a way I didn't with its predecessor. It's not that my shots all turn out gallery-worthy or even make me look twice once I see them on the screen. Still, I'm now more enticed to play with light and angles and depth-of-field. The thrill is reminiscent of long-ago classes when I fantasized about going on to photography school after graduation. As does the camera on my Still Quite New iPhone 6, which would have befuddled the photography student I was back then. It was used for a few of these shots, too. Sometimes it's just a lot more handy! Which you already knew.

The Theme of This Collection is: I Am A Happy Girl With A Very Good Life

(The alternate theme is: Continuing to Embrace Simplicity for Subtle Pleasures)

It's been amazing to discover just how many things one can find to photograph without going out of her way whatsoever. I am having about as much fun as I can possibly stand. I've been putting down some biggole roots, both literally and metaphorically.

You'll be able to easily discern which of the pretty-growing-things above appeared for my lens  like magic, with no effort on my part - and which I had a hand in. Albeit a learning, novice hand. Doesn't matter - I'm captivated by new growth and its evolution in a way I never have been before. And making things, too, remains at the forefront of my days.

The creative urge continues to drive me.

Whether planting something in dirt, finding something planted by another, or making something that didn't exist before, I'm discovering the excitement that comes from visually capturing the simple pleasures in life. I cannot wait to see what this summer has in store! Maybe I'll even take the time to tell you about it here!

** I went from a Nikon D70 to Canon EOS REBEL T3. It's not super-high-end, or the latest model, by any means. But it's a huge improvement in my book!