Some people just pull out a cookbook. Seriously! I've met them.

There was a time when I had a tidy list of "delicious party food items" at my fingertips. I entertained way more in those days than now. These days: not so much.

Since "Free wine and cheese" has been extended to the invitees (that includes you!) of A Bit of Indulgence, last night when a couple of us were leaving the Greensboro Woman’s Club's Weir-Jordan House after setup, we had that quick "What are you bringing?" flurry that's not unfamiliar when these particular preparation details matter slightly less than The Event Itself. Such details can be comfortably left until later. Yummmm! Hearing the quick list of items the other participants will be bringing, I was suddenly hungry. And perplexed. Everything that had remotely crossed my mind to bring? Yea. Somebody else is already bringing it.

A half hour later at the supermarket, I walked by a display of artichoke hearts and again remembered what a raving success my artichoke dip always, always is at holiday parties. I stress "holiday parties" because you cannot get by with making this recipe at any other time of year. It's way too decadent to even consider preparing, if the temperature outside is above mid-seventy. I'd been told another participant was thinking to make just that, so I quick pulled out my phone and called her. Figured I'd make sure: if she's decided, then go for it. If she's not, I'll cover the Super Yummy And Not A Bit Good For You Even If It Does Have A Vegetable In It category.

She's bringing artichoke dip. Next?

Serious quandary. Looking over at the rows of bottles in front of me, I shuffled through my memory bank's list of All The Interesting Party Foods I've Ever Tasted. My eyes fell on a bottle of Wasabi Sauce. Hm! I've had that! Don't remember what we put it on that would be appropriate for this event, but yea... it was good. More wheels turning.

So I did what you would have done. I called The Ex Who Is a Professional Chef. He has all these recipes in his mental Rolodex, no stress needed. But I got his voice mail. How Inconvenient.

Then I remembered Black Bean Hummus. Pretty sure Cindi turned me on to this recipe years ago; at any rate, we have both enjoyed the recipe together. So I called her. She was at the martial arts center (dojo? Is that what they're called?) where her children live these days, but had a second. "Just tell me quick; what's in the black bean hummus recipe?" Her response, "Haven' made it in ages, but hang up and I'll look it up and call you back!" DOH!!! I can do that myself! So I thanked her, hung up, and logged onto, standing in the Canned Vegetables And Similar Items aisle in Harris Teeter. Where I found this recipe! From Bon Appétit.

Then I proceeded to get lost in The Largest Grocery Store In Town, looking for tahini, which I currently do did not have on hand. Good customer service, though; not only did the friendly employee know, but he took me there. Prolly a good thing. It was nowhere near where I would have expected it to be.

Happily, I was able to find all the ingredients listed. Which are calling my name now. Maybe I'd better get in there and actually make the dish so I can run the vital errands on my list before I see you at 4 today. Apparently I'm in some kind of Got All The Time In The World Denial today. 

See you in a few hours!