Some people are having Oscars parties tonight

From a phone call this afternoon:

Friend: Hi girl! How are you?!

Me: (Hacking cough.) Um, not great. But how are you?

Friend: Wow! I'm so sorry. We wondered if you want to come over and watch the Oscars with us!

Me: Oh yea, the Oscars are tonight. (I can't remember the last movie I saw. Pity. I love movies.)

Friend: We had to call Bob and Rachel (who moved to Seattle in '05.) Miss their parties.

Me: Ohhh. I miss Bob and Rachel. I miss our parties. I think I'd better stay in.

And on it went. Don't call me. It's a moaning, hacking mess. My voice will make your ears bleed.

Growing up my Dad repeated that quote "It'll take a week to get rid of a cold if you treat it, and seven days if you don't." So I hear nowadays they're saying the same thing only TWO weeks? I do not have time for another week of this. It's been 8 days now. Some things are better. Many are not. But again, thought I'd better say hi because that's what you do in a blog.

Wow. Mr. Pie's 3rd birthday. And I haven't seen him in 10 days. Wrong, wrong, just wrong...