So the laptop was only pretending to be sick?

After apparently overheating and shutting itself down about 6 times not long after I returned from the beach, I figured it was time to take my laptop in for service. Have the fan checked out...stuff like that. It's recently had an overhaul so you can imagine my disappointment that the little box from which I like to run my life wasn't keeping up so well.

The schedule was full, though, so a few days passed. Then I got sick and couldn't take it for even more days.

Now I've gotten an email. Seems my little laptop is working just fine. Not a problem in sight. Seems it was all along. Reminds me of back in the days when I was a supervisor at MCI. (Yes, I was 24 and in charge of people. 10-12 of 'em at a time. You see how long that lasted.) Some days my team members would call me over, telling me they'd been having this or that computer problem. That was back in the day when I knew about 1/100th of what I know about comupters (which is probably about 1/100th of what most of you know now,) but I was comfortable with the parts I did know. So I'd walk up to their cubicles, and ask what was wrong, and they'd start to show me and everything would be fine. Oh the frustration on their faces. We laughed and agreed I was just the good luck charm of our team. Heh. Or maybe that's just my rosy glasses looking into the past.

Anyway, I'm very, very happy. Have been working at home for so long and am desperate to be out of this place. Of course those paying attention recognize that mostly I've been moaning on the sofa, and occasionally doing an hour of work here or there. But still. I'm stir crazy. So in a bit? I'm gonna' go get my computer, and go find myself a corner of a coffee shop to work in. Like God intended...