So how much rain HAVE they had in Atlanta these past few days?

After my friend emailed another video of that bodacious rainstorm hammering the Powder Springs area of Atlanta, I called to see if she'd gotten my email about putting the first one on my blog. Alas, friend's not so much into email. And she sure doesn't spend time reading blogs! So I told her, she got a kick out of it, and sent me more. Which I will share with you!

Photo that looks like a lake but is really just a lot of rain in a normally-green field.

"You" being the people who came looking. (Google was busy today and Squarespace makes it easy for me to discover this.) I'm very sorry to report that I am not very savvy about weather. Probably you wish you'd found a site dedicated to weather and, at very least, to the area where all that water's falling from the sky.

But check it out - I did find out something about rainfall levels! Seems friend has what she calls a fabulous "weather geek" living in her neighborhood. (That is, aside from the two who live in her house.) And this one neighbor? Yea, he has an actual weather station of some kind in his back yard. With a rain gauge and everything! (You get that I have no idea what this means, right? Okay. Just so we're clear.) This neighbor had a full rain gauge on Saturday night so he emptied it. Turns out since Saturday night, that particular back yard in Powder Springs Georgia, had received 13 inches of rain by 4:15pm today. And that was more than 4 hours ago.

Based on the video clips arriving in my email inbox every now and then, I'm thinking we've moved on past 13 inches by now. But what do I know? Rainfall is not my forte.

Kinda' crazy, cool, though, watching it fall from the sky. Especially when you have a solid roof over your head.

Oh. I'm supposed to tell you: that "lake" in this video? Not really a lake. Most days it's just a pretty green field. A dry one. With no bodies of standing water whatsoever. Maybe I should have mentioned this earlier on?