Snow, colds and an ever-evolving set of plans

It's snowing outside my window. Hard. I know this because I just drove home from my sister's house in that snow. It was a lot prettier when my car was safely parked and the ignition was turned off.

The head and chest cold that's kicked my booty so successfully these past two weeks is still lingering, but I feel I've turned a corner and surely it'll disappear eventually. It'd better, because I have some serious catch-up to play.

And I'm not driving to West Virginia tomorrow with that van load of things like sofas and pottery wheels, either. Nope. My friend (who was joining me) and I are thinking to try again next week. Only this time, instead of returning here with her in her van, then going back up there on Friday as was my plan before, I'm driving with her, and then staying the rest of the week, although she'll return here the next day.

I've got rather a packed March planned, and part of those plans have me returning here to Greensboro. And even a trip to SC to visit my parents! It's been a while since I was down there. I'm looking forward to it.

On the one hand it seems a little silly to go up there and then turn right around and come back, but I've said all along that I'd be visiting here often. The first trip will just be sooner than some of the other ones!

So yea, WV is still happening. I'm just taking my sweet time getting started. Apparently I'm not feeling too much pressure to light a fire under myself. Let's just hope the weather cooperates next week!