Slice o' life - A Wee Springtime List

Yesterday I got an email from a friend who was checking in to make sure I was okay. I hadn't responded to her last email and she pointed out that prolific bloggers can't just disappear without a handful of people noticing and being even alarmed.

So for those who are craving a chapter from Melody's Uber Exciting Book Of Life, this is for you.  A list to highlight some current slivers from my ordinary life. I must stress the word "ordinary" here:

  • Work is phenomenal. As is usual and customary, I am working on such interesting projects that let me collaborate with fascinating people in industries quite different from my own.
  • I no longer believe I'm ever going to "get caught up." Embracing that concept has helped a great deal.
  • I continue to be surprised by the random requests for friend connections on Facebook. Since I currently spend so little time there, knowing my predilection toward being easily distracted, I've had to cut myself off, largely, from this source of entertainment. Pity, since that's where Everybody With Whom I Ever Had A Pleasing Conversation In My Entire Life seems to be congregating. But sometimes the requests come from truly shocking directions. Not good or bad. Just interesting in that, "Really? You remember something about our time together in the 3rd grade that was so memorable and delightful that you would like to rekindle whatever it was you loved then, and add me to your list of people you're trying to keep up with as an adult?" kind of way. I'm both enthralled by and exhausted by the phenomenon of Facebook. I waffle between wanting to check in frequently and completely canceling my membership. As if.
  • I took a break from writing my novel about 2 months ago and started writing voraciously on the topic of health and weight loss and self-perception and The Whole Journey Of Figuring Out What It Means To Live In A Human Body, or some such. Then, when I had a solid beginning of a draft reaching about 45,000 words (Yes, darlings, that's about a half a book. Again, remember I said draft,) I "decided" I couldn't possibly want to publish such personal, private topics about myself. So I stopped writing.

    Tangentially: When I was 19, my employer gave me a mug on which was printed, "My Decision is Maybe." And there you have it.

    Today, at this moment, I actually believe both books will be written. I've discovered new avenues for the novel and the non-fiction tome just needed a new direction. Here's to persevering and knowing that we get to make the rules about whether or not any of it ever gets seen by another pair of human eyes.
  • And so I haven't written in a journal all week long, either. My writing time has been reserved for client correspondence and friendly emails. Which is fine. Life, I've discovered, really will bring us all the ebb and flow we can handle.
  • Tomorrow I'm leaving the glorious basement apartment I've been happily renting for a couple of months, and going to take care of my friends' darling pets. While. They. Spend. Two. Weeks. In. Greece. No. My teeth were not clenched when I wrote that, and I'm not at all jealous. Not jealous whatsoever! Why would you possibly think that?
  • On Sunday while hanging out with my sister and nephew, this darling cherub of a four year old looked at me, grinned, and threw his arms around my head, tightly, then kissed me firmly on the mouth. If I could bottle that moment and sell it, I firmly believe there would be world peace.
  • Shaklee's Mental Acuity Plus is something I forgot about for a while, but have rediscovered. Along with some other supplements I've begun taking. I do believe my mind is calmer and clearer than it has been in a long while. This is very, very good.
  • I am eating something really weird that I feel compelled to tell you about. I think I actually like it. I think you need to try it. I'm not saying it's Flavor Perfection, or anything, but it's just weird enough that I can imagine myself eating it again and again. Here's what I've done:
    • Diced one small avocado,
    • Into the bowl with that, I added 4 huge radishes, cut into cubes,
    • Sprinkled 2 Tbs of sunflower seeds,
    • And over all of that, poured about one Tbs Annie's Original Goddess Dressing.
    • Stirred it altogether, and it's a sort of creamy, crunchy salad with such a unique flavor I'm thrilled to tell you that I have some left!
  • In spite of being busier than ever lately, I've recently gotten to spend time with several different friends I don't see that often, and feel really grateful for all the remarkable, interesting people in my life.
  • And finally, after a pretty tricky week that included a huge, painful, personal challenge, I can honestly tell you that today I feel happy and content and really grateful for my life. It's a good one, see. A really good one.

Okay, so that's my list. I haven't been "in the blogging mood" lately, and sometimes that means I'm headed into long stretches without any updates. Then again, sometimes as soon as I write a sentence like that, the muses pour ideas down upon my head, and the blog picks right back up into a frenzy of activity. I guess we'll see, soon enough, which one it will be this time!

Until then, I hope you're well and that things are going just the way you want them to be going!