Site launches, road trips, back spasms & iPhones

Screenshot image of one of the website banners for Spectacular Spaces.On Thursday night, Wrenda Goodwyn and I launched the newly-redesigned version of her website. Spectacular Spaces needed a facelift and Wrenda had spent months researching her options, intent on finding the right platform to help her transition from "online brochure" to "dynamic web presence." Along the way, she discovered Squarespace, fell in love with the hope of using this platform, then ultimately found me.

We discovered during our first talk that we connected easily, and it was soon clear that we'd made a stellar collaborative match. This site came together through many late night conversations, and the end result pleased us both a great deal. Being able to hear a client's vision and make it a reality is one of the more satisfying things I know. Her home interior makeover philosophy embraces the idea of using what you already have, and as I'm a "do it yourself" type from way back, I was immediately intrigued by her business model. It's not vital to care about a client's business in order to help them create the website they want, but it never, ever hurts.

So we worked all kinds of hours, and piece by piece, we created the site she asked for, little more than a month ago. Enormous job satisfaction.

And after we launched the site? I left town early the next day, and Wrenda did the same a couple of mornings later. We'd timed the launch date perfectly... or so it seemed. I've found a glitch in my plan. Not only did I want to tell you about Wrenda's site, but I also wanted to tell you about a great conversation she and I had one evening last week. For now, I'm going to dangle a carrot, and write more about that conversation later. If you're "a keyword kind of person," file this future blog post in your mind under such key words and phrases as "doing what you're good at," and "finding the niche that's right for you," and "Seth Godin's recent book, Tribes," and "the importance of not settling." Those phrases won't cover it all, but they're certainly going to get you in the right neighborhood.

And the reason I'm not telling you more now? Actually, there are several reasons. This weekend while away, my much-loved Moto Q showed increasing signs that I will never again be able to confidently rely on it when I need it. It's served me well, but I'll admit I've been hard on this device. No more. I needed something more reliable, and for some time, I've been planning to make the switch to an iPhone. I hadn't been able to justify the expense before, but knew that it was only a matter of time. The time arrived this weekend.

Turns out you don't just switch from your old phone setup to an iPhone without some learning curves and syncing and transferring of data. Turns out that when you're in the midst of keeping up with the next site you need to at least soft-launch by next weekend, start work on a brand new site, become acclimated to your new iPhone, The Most Amazing Thing I've Ever Held In My Hands Ever In The History Of The World...and you miraculously discover yourself experiencing the kinds of back spasms that remind you of your first trip to the chriopractor about 16 years ago... well, it's just better if I hold off on writing about that conversation Wrenda and I had. I want to make sure those interested have the opportunity to really get some insight to why that conversation mattered a great deal to us. And making it possible for you to have such insight requires a bit more focus and quality attention than I'm going to be able to give this piece right now. But I hope those of you who are interested will return here to read about it later.

Now go visit Wrenda's site. And if you're in the Fort Myers, FL area and have been looking for someone to help you redecorate your home, you most especially should go visit Wrenda's site. This woman is genuine and knowledgeable and kind and insightful and many more things I would personally want in a home decorator if I were in the market for such a person. I'm confident that if you decide to give her a call, you'll discover this to be true, as well.