Since it's possible that you're in the market for a used Yamaha piano... my friend is selling one!

Thumbnail image of the flyer for this used Yamaha M4640C piano my friend is selling

Click this image for the actual PDF flyer.When my friend Susan told me she has a piano for sale, it only made sense for me to tell you about it here. Since you never know who you know who has a need someone else you know could fulfill, and all. (YOU followed all that, didn't you?) It's one of my favorite things about the 'net - its ability to help us make connections between those who can use them.

My friend is selling her Yamaha M4640C, the price is negotiable, it's got that beautiful cherry finish, and she's only had it for 3 years. Makes me wish I were in the market for a piano... Alas, I'm not.

Here are the details in case you do happen to be in need of a nice piano. And if you're not, but you know someone who is, will you please consider passing the word along? When I post this, I'll invite Susan to add any further details into the comments section, since there may be more userful information I'm leaving out. But I'm sure this is a good start!

Yamaha Satin Cherry Finish, 44" High Console, Model M460C

Thank you!!!