Should be in the "before you start a blog" checklist

As with all other topics of interest, there are articles and lists galore dedicated to "Things you should do before you start a blog." I've got one to add to the list:

Get one of these.

(It's okay to borrow one; this little guy certainly doesn't belong to me!) Seriously. There are going to be times when your life is just too, too busy to write as often as you typically do. Then what? You have to have something to post quickly for days your schedule is just too full.

Of course the pros probably wouldn't agree with me. And I see their point if you run a serious business blog, or your topic is - I don't know - All About Trowels And Other Handy Tools. But if you run a garden-variety "Here Are My Observations About The World As I Know It" blog, yea. Your sister's kid is gonna' come in more handy than you know. (It doesn't hurt that I have a small blog and half my readers happen to think Mr. Pie's a pretty rockin' kid.)

This one was taken on the drive to Gramma & Papa's for Thanksgiving. The little man always ends up finding cool ways to amuse himself on a long trip.

Oh...look at the time! I haven't seen my Senior Ladies yet this year; maybe being on time would be a good idea today, eh? Happy Wednesday, all!