She's right about the boundary issues

That little morning ritual I have of checking email, Facebook messages, twitter and a handful of blogs sometimes yields what I think of as "blog-worthy" thoughts.

Got a good one this morning. On the "wall" of one of my friends was pasted a link to this ABC News ("News?") piece "When Stars Have a Bad Day." The responses posted by others were similar to my own reaction. Which is that it's good, occasionally, to be reminded that these people are, in fact, just real people. With saggy skin and cellulite and unfortunate facial expressions - pretty much like the rest of us.

But in spite of these thoughts, I also felt a little icky that it's so acceptable for such photos to be this widely distributed for public consumption. (And look - I'm distributing it even further. So how much ick am I really feeling? you may wonder. Fair enough.)

One friend of my friend, Sarah, caught my attention with her response:

It made me think all those things, plus how strange it is that there are people whose whole working life revolves around capturing stills of the accumulated stored energy cells and the effects of gravity on the skin of other people. Our culture has some boundary issues.

How did it happen, I wonder? Why do we consume so much of this stuff?