She's on a quest for the perfect pair of pants

After lunch with friend of 12 years, I found myself wandering through the decadent perfection that is Anthropologie. You might say we were both overdue for just this kind of spontaneous excursion.

Friend is a Stay At Home Mom of two and she lives, quite literally, in the woods about 20 miles outside of town. While she loves beautiful clothing of all kinds, it's not out of the question for her to spend long stretches of time in lounging PJ's. (Read carefully: I did not write "lounging in PJ's." Had to make sure you got that.) Therefore her quest for the perfect pair of pants is open to a different set of criteria than yours or mine might be.

Back in her car, she was still singing a love song to a piece of clothing that was a sort of combination between knickers and "hammer pants" and something you might have seen the men wear on The King and I. My friend summed up her adoration with this quote, delivered excitedly:

If I bought those pants, they would be my critereia for all future purchases!!! I would just ask myself 'Is it as comfortable as my new pajama bottoms?'

**Yes, I do get that the photo shows no evidence of the kind of lounging pants onver which my friend is drooling. But can't you just see yourself all curled up for an unscheduled afternoon nap in that bed? So writes the woman who hasn't had a full night's sleep in many weeks...