She spent 30 minutes choosing a flat iron & it was time well-spent 'cause now I have a new blog post

Not only are two of my currently-in-development website collaborations with Southern Women Writers - thereby giving me renewed enjoyment in reading the words of really funny women whose voices have that distinctively southern flair - but Dena Harris, one of my writer friends and clients, now calls the south her home and seems to be embracing it mightily.

Dena wrote a blog post today entitled "How My Flat Iron Wrecked My Morning." It was the funniest thing I've read in ages. So funny, in fact, that I'm delaying the piece I was going to post here today about how my days as an internet thief here in WV are numbered, (as Boston Client remarked in a tongue-in-cheek email earlier, wishing me a strong signal until my own installation date arrives, I've been "siphoning off my kind neighbor's wi-fi.") Sorry but you'll have to wait a little longer to read that little gem. Instead, I urge you to go read about Dena's morning. A snippet for you:

...grabbed a cart, found the hair supply aisle. Which I stood in front of for the next twenty-five minutes. Really? Replacing a flat-iron requires this much thought?

Apparently so. I knew I wanted ceramic but did I want titanium ceramic or, an apparent upgrade, titanium & tourmaline ceramic because "crushed tourmaline gemstones emit natural ions to reduce frizz." Who knew?

It actually gets better from there.

As a bonus, you might even think of it as more than just a humor piece. It's useful product research. The whole post is highly informative and now if I ever need to replace any of the hair appliances I've got stuffed away in storage, I just saved myself a half hour of pondering, just by reading Dena's piece. Thanks, lady!

Read the full post here.