Second attempt at using the Sqarespace iPhone app

So although I've clearly ignored my own "only post good photos" rule, I thought I'd try this again before I move on to other work this morning. (I learn by doing; lucky you.)

In spite of indications to the contrary, I have not gone all MLM Sales Chick. Promise. However? This Shaklee Mental Acuity Plus is the first product that has ever made me hopeful never to have another Adderall-induced side-effect again. Just sayin. Actually a pretty big deal around these parts.

Now, let me tell you something new I just noticed on the Squarespace iPhone app: The "sync" button. Completely missed it yesterday. doh. (Those supplements I was just pimpin had clearly worn off, eh?) And not only had I missed it, I'd been a little disappointed not to have seen my draft blog post on my computer screen. So yay... Sync=good.