Saturday update, mostly about my Daddy

So I got back to Greensboro yesterday evening and immediately jumped back into my "routine." Which is to say I quickly resumed doing 47 things at once, and don't know if I finished any one of them. Never mind that. I'm here, and not caught up, but I don't believe I've said "Hey I'm caught up!" in, uh, ever? So the trip has little to do with that.

Here's a photo for those who are interested. So you know: it's one I took myself. Which is to say, there's no blood and gore and bruising and ick to see. So you're safe to look at it. If my mom had her way I would have at least looked at some seriously unpalatable shots, but I held strong.

The photo has been marked to indicate the "key players," so no further commentary is really necessary here.

For those who've written and called, thanks. I appreciate it, as does my family.

Daddy had another surgery last night, and while in there they added/installled/applied? the "wound vac" that is supposed to be the saving grace of this whole treatment. I can't wait to hear the good news that it's done its job and helped the new skin to grow back. Apparently that good news should come, just not for a while...

I still don't know if I'll be joining sis and nephew tomorrow when they go down for the day, or not. Depends on how much work I get finished today. It may not, actually. I may just go, because of course I want to be there. And of course I love traveling with Mr. Pie. But we'll have to see how that feels a little later on, once I've accomplished a bit more than I have today. Back to it, then?

Cheers, ya'll!