Robert Scoble's interview with Facebook's Mark Slee made me take a fresh look at its redesign

How do you like "New Facebook?" Until I read a Facebook friend's status update stating that he "hated new Facebook," I didn't give too much thought to whether I liked the changes or not. Instead, I kind of thought of the redesign as something we'd just get used to. Not so much up to me, y'know? And because I've been focusing my attention recently on trying to spend less time on Facebook, rather than more, I chalked up the little "under my control" changes I did notice, to things I'd have to deal with later. After all, while I do use Facebook to promote the occasional business event, it's mostly a way for me to keep in touch with friends I might otherwise not see or talk to very often. (For the moment. Yes, I realize I'm missing potential opportunities. Time, babies. All in good time.)

Tonight I came across a video that made me want to actually spend some quality time contemplating the changes. And which made me feel less apathetic to the new version. Robert Scoble, of FastCompany and Scobleizer fame interviewed Mark Slee, lead product manager at Facebook, about the redesign process. Slee shared insight into some of the thinking that drove specific changes, and the way the company has responded to users' input.

Maybe some of my Facebook friends will find this interview as useful as I did. Maybe we'll even come to love the changes! Now if I can just carve out some time to get in there and play with my profile's setup...

ps. Robert Scoble is a presenter again this year at ConvergeSouth and I'm very excited to get to hear him speak. He knows lots and lots of stuff about technology. I intend to learn as much as I can.