Riveting Post-Christmas Ramblings

Looks like somebody dropped the ball on following up and telling everyone about The Christmas We Changed Our Plans At The Last Minute Because Sister's Baby Got Pneumonia. (Yes, as a friend pointed out on the phone this morning, I realize the term "baby" is stretching it a bit much since Mr. Pie will, in fact, be turning 3 years old in just under 2 months. Petty details. He's our baby. See?)

There are a handful of interesting tidbits I could tell you. Not particularly riveting, but perhaps notable in their own ordinary ways:

  • After months of thwarting Mom's attempts to get me to toughen up and Just Look At My Daddy's Injuries Already, Or At Very Least Look At The 72,000 photos she's taken of the poor foot since that fateful Labor Day, I accidentally saw a whole honkin' pile of those photos. And the woman wasn't even in the room! (I was burning a quick CD of all the photos my parents took while they were in town, and had to enter multiple photo directories on Dad's laptop. Eek! (To which my dad likely wants to say, "You think that was bad...you should have to suffer through the pain and rehabilitation process!" Sorry Daddy.)
  • The aforementioned baby declared, when opening one of Gramma's well-planned presents for His Highness, "Oh My Goooooodness!!!!!" And when he got a rise out of everyone in the room, repeated it about 11 more times, just to make sure we didn't miss it.  A Dor A Ble.
  • Lamb. If you're tired of turkey or ham from your Thanksgiving celebrations, or all those parties you've been attending, might want to consider lamb for your next big holiday meal. Yuuuuu Uuuuuum!
  • Ages ago - so long I'd completely forgotten - I told my Mom I sure would love to get my hands on one of the plethora of seriously-seasoned iron skillets that once belonged to my grandmothers. You'd think somebody could spare a single pan for the loving granddaughter, wouldn't you? You'd be wrong, of course. But Mom found me one somewhere and apparently it was advertised as pre-seasoned (as if you can quickly generate the affects of 50 years of southern home cookin' on a piece of cast iron,) and she's been using it for me, for the past couple of weeks. Turns out it works quite nicely! As I discovered last night when I used it to make some random concoction that incorporated some of the remaining items left in the freezer. Somebody needs to leave the house and run some errands, but I'm not naming any names...

And aside from lots of laughs and hugs and cozy talks, which were lovely and memorable to the family members who participated in them, that was my Christmas, 2008. Since which time I've been holed up back at home trying to catch up on all the work I've gotten so far behind on. Wonder how long that's gonna' take? Never mind. I've still got some energy left for a Saturday night work session. Back to it, then?

Hope your own celebrations have been equally lovely, and that your last week of the year is spectacular!

Check it out! I just inserted the photo CD I mentioned in the first bullet. Thought I'd find something sweet to share with you. Surely one would be blog-worthy, right? Nothing. Nada. I got myselfl a blank CD, people. Could have skipped the nightmare-inducing sight of Dad's foot, after all. Go figure!