Revealing my new website after migrating from Squarespace 5 to 6

It seemed worth mentioning that I have now officially launched my website's new design. (For those viewing on the site, the images to your right are presented in a nice slideshow progression. For email subscribers, sorry... you likely see a huge long string of images.)

Along with the significant design changes come a pretty massive overhaul to the whole site. There will surely be more to share regarding the process and lessons and excitement and challenges. Not tonight, though.

It's been mentioned here, a time or two, but for those who missed it, this has been a Squarespace update. Although I've been enthusiastically using my favorite platform of ever since 2005, Squarespace 6, which came out well over a year ago, is the latest, incredible incarnation of this service. While I've worked on many such sites for others, both migrations from Version 5 to 6 and sites for those new to Squarespace, I took my sweet time to get to this place on my own site. Sometimes that's how it works, around here.

I'm going to enjoy telling you about it. But tonight? Tonight I'm taking a break and celebrating. Here with my friends there's a fire and some smooth cab along with the incredible blanket of snow (incredible because I didn't have to go out in it,) and I'm happy to walk away from this computer.