Reminders while comparing flight times and rates

Today I've been looking at flights. It's been too long since I saw my Granddaddy, and I'm not interested in waiting another month to make this trip.

It's surprised me that lots of travel tips aren't necessarily lining up as expected, today.  For example, I'm getting better rate quotes by going to the airline sites, directly, rather than the discount sites that cull those airline sites for the discount fares. Fascinating. Also? Searches 20 minutes apart are yielding such varying rates that I keep wanting to gamble more. That's not necessarily rare; flights fluctuate all the time. It's just been a while and I've been sucked into this game. Check. Check another date. Check again. Try another airline. Will the rates continue to climb? Will I screw myself out of a better rate if I play this little game of roulette? Who's to say? And then there's the "time is money" reminder. I've only been at this for a little while today, and don't want to make any snap decisions, but I also need to remember not to devote endless time to something I could just get out of the way, and move back to my work.

Speakin'o'which: Now I have to go to a meeting and there's no time to decide just now. I'll look again tonight, and see what I find. Wish me luck finding That One Perfect Flight.

Meanwhile, it's time to start getting my brain geared up for some laughs and walks and war stories and lots and lots of western movies. I can't wait...