Remembering what it's like to be super social

The question of "introversion" vs. "extroversion" makes its way into so many conversations in which I find myself. Myers Briggs declares me to be an extrovert, (ENFP, to be more specific,) although I don't remember how close to the line that particular indicator falls on my results. Recently, after locking myself away in a bedroom to work for hours on end, day after day, while helping out a friend after her surgery, she declared me an introvert. And although people are entitled to their opinions, hers made me pause to reconsider a little longer. Seeing as how this particular friend used to administer and evaluate Myers Briggs indicators as a part of her job.

Her assertion made me wonder if our dispositions don't shift, over the years. I'm not sure, but last night, after days and days inside working with great pleasure on the websites I've been designing, I found myself in the kitchen, cooking for a houseful of friends. I looked around at one point, realized where I was - back in the middle of a social buzz - and how long it had been... and how good it was. 

There was a time when I entertained every chance I got. Sis-then-roomie (and one who's never been conflicted about her own introversion,) once declared in exasperation, after we'd decided to have a party and I'd invited something like 23 people, "We don't have to have every single person we know in the house at a single time!!!!" And last night, as friend after friend poured in the door, some of whom I hadn't necessarily expected to see, but each of whose presence made me disproportionally happy, I remembered again how much I loved those days of semi-spontaneous gatherings, a party around the corner at any minute.

Maybe it's just the start of spring, and the sense that I'm coming out of my shell. Only the difference, today, is that I know within a few days, I'll have long stretches of "me time" once more, hiding away in front of my computer as I pour myself into the next web design project coming down the pike. I'm looking forward to that, too. But first I'll go to the farmer's market and brush up against a whole town's-worth of strangers, and revel in all the yummy new fresh produce I can get my hands on, right beside everybody else out to enjoy this particular time of year.

It occurs to me that no matter where I fall on the "needs quiet time alone" vs. "needs to be with people" continuum, maybe the label matters a whole lot less than the beauty of being able to get what you need for yourself, when you need it. I'm going with that answer. Who needs boxes and labels? It's Spring and there are too many other things to be concerned with today.