Remember those "Bill Gates Will _______ if you pass this on" emails? Well this one's about MS, and it's true!

Through Browser for the Better, Microsoft will donate food if you will upgrade your browser from IE6 to IE8. I am not making this up. I've learned that some of my readers won't quite know what I mean, but would you be willing to follow the link and read a bit to just SEE if perhaps you'll want to participate in this little upgrade? Pretty please?! If not because I asked so nicely, then because it will help other people to eat?!

For way, WAY too long, people who work in the web development and design fields have been trying to convince users to upgrade their browsers. Some folks wanted to do away with Internet Explorer altogether, but most of us are happy, nay, thrilled if you'll just move past IE6.

You don't have quite enough time (nor interest - trust me) for me to tell you of all the hours upon hours I have wasted trying to get an otherwise lovely website "to work in Internet Explorer 6." I wrote about it back here, and stirred up just enough discussion (much of it offline, from people who said, "I don't really even know what all this means. I just turn on my computer and go to the internet...I don't know how it works or what it means to change my browser, and frankly I don't care that much,) to convince me that the issue was far more complex than I'd realized, and the fight to convince even friends to switch, was going to be much harder than I'd realized.

So now even Microsoft is taking steps to help the final percentage of users to upgrade. Are you among them? Why not find out? Don't you love to help out a good cause? Well, you'd be helping out more good causes than you realize!

Click here to visit Brower for the Better and get more details.